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gathering the remnant conference


Come and receive prophetic teaching, apostolic direction and Kingdom mysteries revealed from Holy Spirit anointed servants. Personal ministry and the laying on of hands will be provided. Among these are....

... and many other prophets and teachers in 20 different conference workshops. REGISTER TODAY!

Gathering The Remnant Conference - Nov. 20-23, 2014 Florida

Calling the Remnant! Blow the trumpet in Zion and beat your plow shares into swords. Everything in heaven and earth that can be shaken is being shaken. The good news is you are destined for dominion.

The Holy Ghost is saying it’s time to invade, occupy and influence this world for Christ. As part of the Remnant you have been authorized for spiritual conquest and occupation. You are unstoppable having received a kingdom that cannot be moved.

The Remnant understands their spiritual authority. All preachers come to a decision they either minister to the multitude or the remnant. We choose to speak to people like you, the remnant. It is the remnant that the Holy Ghost uses to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom.

After a grand house is carpeted there are a few pieces of carpet left. These left over pieces are known as the remnants. No one knows what to do with them because they don’t fit anywhere. Some are discarded and others placed at doorways. Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit anywhere? The reason for that is because you really didn’t fit. You are probably part of the remnant. Remnant believers are different because they carry a different spirit.

The Remnant plays a major role in the restoration of all things. To them belong many “go first” apostolic opportunities because they carry a dominion spirit. A dominion spirit is one that is ready to take over for Christ. The Remnant rejects a fatalistic world view that Christ will rescue the Church right before the world is overrun by demon powers. They understand their apostolic call to root out, tear down, destroy, to build and to plant.

Get Ready For Another Level!

Calling all Daughters of Zion! The Remnant conference includes 9 special women's meetings entitled: "Destined For His Glory." Thursday November 20th - 9 am to 4 pm.

Join Jonas and many others November 20- 23, 2014, Hallandale Beach, Florida at the Global Cause Network Annual Apostolic - Prophetic Conference.

Gathering The Remnant Conference

Get ready to receive from the Holy Ghost:

  • Power to Prophesy
  • Revelation Knowledge
  • Anointing to Stop Demonic Opposition
  • Understanding the Mysteries of the Kingdom
  • Drawing on the Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Grace and Empowerment for Ministry
  • And Much More

Identity - Purpose - Healing - Refreshing - Impartation

For more information, call 1-800-943-6490 or +1 954-456-4420

Testimonies from changed lives...

Now I know why the Holy Ghost impressed upon me to travel half way around the world to attend this conference. The praise and worship was anointed, the preaching was with power, and the presence of the Holy Spirit was strong.  I was strengthened, equipped, and empowered to go back to my region and advance the Kingdom of God.  Knowing that we are not alone in what God has called us to do has helped me so much… and I am grateful to have been able to connect with you and your ministry team.
Sandy, New Zealand
I came to the conference looking for refreshing. In my city there are no churches who believe in spiritual warfare, prophetic or apostolic ministry. It's spiritually dry where I live. At your conference I found people who believed just like me. What I liked was that the leaders were transparent and real. They were really interested in me. I needed to experience this level of fellowship.
Carla, Indiana
I read one of Jonas Clark's books and I liked what I learned about Overcoming Jezebel, religion and witchcraft. I desired more and I wanted him to lay hands on me for impartation and activation. So I decided to go to one of his meetings. What struck me was the excellence and hospitality of his ministry team. Spiritually and naturally, everything was in line and I was not disappointed.
Fred, North Carolina
The Holy Ghost showed my wife and I that we needed to connect with the Global Cause Network and to sow into the ministry work you are doing in Central America.  I could hear the heart of God every time one of your leaders spoke of the school that is being built for the children in Central America and the impact that the apostolic is having in the lives of the Christian leaders there.  We are blessed to be Champion Partners with your ministry and know that our seed is going into good ground and is being used to expand the Kingdom of God in the nations.
P. Smith, New York

Conference Schedule

Gathering the Remnant Conference Schedule. The Remnant is gathering while God shakes the nations. Are you ready?

Gathering The Remnant Apostolic-Prophetic Conference starts Thursday, November 20th through Sunday, November 23rd.

Register today.

Thursday – 9:00 am - 4:00 pm : Special Women's Conference: "Destined for His Glory."

Thursday – 7:30 pm : General Session


  • 9:00 am : Morning Breakout Session I
  • 10:30 am : Morning General Session
  • 1:30 pm : Afternoon Breakout Session II
  • 7:30 pm : Evening General Session


  • 9:00 am : Morning Breakout Session III
  • 10:30 am : Morning General Session
  • 1:30 pm : Afternoon Breakout Session IV
  • 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm Harvest Strategy - Street Invasion
  • 7:30 pm : Evening General Session

Sunday – 10:00 am: General Session

Breakout Sessions

At the Gathering the Remnant Conference you can choose from 20 ministry training workshops tailored for you. In each breakout session prayerfully choose one workshop to attend.

Friday – 9:00 am : Breakout Session I

  • The Lifestyle of A Spiritual Warrior
  • Apostolic Breakthrough Prayer
  • Revealing & Advancing Kingdom Culture
  • The Apostolic and The Governing Anointing
  • Breaking Controlling Powers

Friday – 1:30 pm : Breakout Session II

  • Stopping Generational Curses
  • Four Levels of Spiritual Warfare
  • Discerning Deceiving Spirits
  • Entering High Level Prophetic Operations
  • How to Transition Into Apostolic Ministry

Saturday – 9:00 am : Breakout Session III

  • The Ministry and Anointing of the Holy Spirit
  • How to Make a Difference With Your Life
  • Characteristics of the Remnant
  • How to Set the Captives Free
  • Non-Negotiables in the Apostolic

Saturday – 1:30 pm :  Breakout Session IV

  • How to Deal With Religious Gatekeepers
  • Increasing in Spiritual Strength
  • Unlocking the 9 Gifts of the Spirit in You
  • Ruling from the Commanding Heights
  • The Harvest Strategy

Champion Partners are invited to a special reception and fellowship with Apostle Jonas, Saturday November 22nd following the evening service in the Ocean Breeze Room.