War In The Heavens

War In The Heavens

War in the heavens.during times of spiritual warfare, you might feel alone, but you’re not. God’s angels are fighting with you! If you could pull back the curtain and see into the realm of the spirit, you would discover there is a war taking place in the heavens.

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Generational Curses

Generational Curses- How To Remove A Generational Family CurseYou can remove a generational family curse. Curses find a cause. Scripture declares, “The curse causeless shall not come” (Proverbs 26:2). In other words, something happened that caused them. Family curses are the result of sin or someone in the family rebelling against God’s sanctions. These violations bring curses down the family tree because of iniquity.

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Pulling Down Strongholds, Evil Spirits, and Ancient Paganism

Pulling Down Strongholds, Evil Spirits, and Ancient PaganismPulling down strongholds are part of your spiritual authority. Evil spirits and ancient paganism war against the Church of Christ, but Scripture declares you well able to subdue the wicked. The Bible teaches, “The weapons of your warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.” Strongholds include demonic paganism sourced from ancient spirits.

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