Identifying Prophetic Spiritualism

prophetic spiritists, spiritualismOver the last few years, I have noticed an increase in spiritualism trying to operate in churches. Just because something sounds spiritual doesn’t necessarily mean that it is of God. Just because someone says, “Thus saith the Lord, or I saw this, or I heard that” doesn’t mean that it is the Spirit of God. It could be another spirit. It is important for the prophetic church to be able to understand the difference between spiritualism and the Holy Spirit. In this essay, we will look at the characteristics of spiritualism. Just because someone has a prophetic label doesn’t mean that they have the accurate goods.

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Prophetic Ministry And Social Media

Prophetic Ministry And Social MediaProphetic ministry and social media. There are a lot of prophets (and others) telling you what the Holy Spirit is saying. With the advent of social media and Facebook networking, you have the opportunity to read hundreds of prophetic decrees. Some of these are offered by terrific Spirit-filled Christians and others by unaccountable flaky Jezebels.  

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