Decisions Determine Destiny

Decisions Determine DestinyYou are living in a world of past decisions.  The better the decisions you make, the better your life. A decision means that you made your mind up on something that determined a course of action. I have been in the ministry for over thirty years seeing people make disastrous decisions. Not only did they make terrible decisions, they rarely came to me, as their pastor, seeking counsel. Most of the time, people just told me what they were going to do. Then, when others asked them about their decisions, they would tell people they had talked to me about them. The worst was people would say God told them to do this or that. He didn’t.

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Honor, Favor, And Wealth

Honor, Favor, and WealthThe Holy Spirit has been talking with me about a greater measure, manifesting His glory, and the power of honor. He told me that whenever a person asks Him for something He will look for one of five things: Decision, Pursuit, Obedience, Expectation, and Honor. Here are some things He showed me especially about the importance of honor.

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