Trying the SpiritsIdentifying sin and scriptural error are not judging or being judgmental. Sometimes when Christians address sin such as non-scriptural divorce and homosexuality they are accused of being non-loving and judgmental. Such statements are only used by those that are unstable, scripturally ignorant, rebellious, deceived, or those living in sin.


Spiritual Laws of God - 7 Power Laws

Spiritual Laws of God - 7 Power LawsSpiritual laws of God are fundamental. Now that you are born again, it’s important to learn how to live out of the laws of the Kingdom of God. Perhaps you have never heard that terminology before, but it’s important to consider. Every kingdom has its way of doing things, so is the kingdom of God. Because we were born into the Babylonian way of doing things we are not aware of the principles of Christ’s kingdom. This is where we have to get schooled. It’s not good enough to only focus on getting saved because we have so much to accomplish with our lives after we get saved with the remaining years He has given us.

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