Take Your Life Back From Jezebel Spirit

jezebel spirit usurpsWarning! The Jezebel spirit wants to take over your life. Jezebel spirits are usurpers, squatters, and hijackers. The Jezebel spirit will usurp your authority. This means that Jezebel wants to “take the place of another.” This could be replacing parent, pastor, teacher, spouse, employer, or you. Has anyone tried to seize your authority and take over your life? To usurp means to take over the authority of another without legal right. This is what a Jezebel spirit will try.

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The Spoilers Are Coming

The Spoilers Are ComingWhen a nation, any nation, turns its back on God the spoilers are released. The spoilers plunder, pillage, and destroy. Scripture declares a day when God’s people turned their back on Jehovah and served Baal and Ashtaroth (Judges 2:13-14).

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