Benefiting from Spiritual Fathers

Benefiting from Spiritual FathersApostles are spiritual fathers. You need a spiritual father in your life. Apostolic ministries have apostolic fathers. I came from a generation of preachers who grew up in ministry without the benefit of spiritual fathers. Like thousands of others, we had to get whatever we could through books, audios, videos, seminars, conferences and brief meetings with men of God hurried off platforms and away from the people.

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When Christian Witches AttackOn several occasions, Christian witches have attacked our ministry. We were holding a conference in Central America. It takes a lot of prayers, hard work, and finances to organize conferences and crusades. The week before our crusade three 'Christian witches' came to the house of one of our conference organizers.


Mature Prophets in the House of God

Mature ProphetsMature prophets know how to flow in the house of God. Our society is filled with those that come into our churches who have formerly opened themselves up to New Age mysticism, witchcraft, the occult, and spiritualism. To protect the flock from false anointing and familiar spirits, there is a proper order in which the Holy Spirit likes to flow. When you understand this order you will compass biblical prophetic operations.

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