My Confrontation With the Jezebel Spirit

My Confrontation With Jezebel SpiritI met the Jezebel spirit some years ago and quickly became acquainted with her wicked ways. Shortly after our introduction, I found myself resisted on all fronts, yet didn’t completely understand what that resistance was. You see, Jezebel was yet an unnamed foe in my life. The Jezebel spirit was at that time a mysterious rival that seemed to know me better than I knew it. It was as if she had studied my strengths and weaknesses as she prepared to wage an all-out war against me.

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Prayer For Healing Miracles In The Room Of No Hope

Prayer For Healing Miracles In The Room Of No HopePrayer for healing miracles in the room of no hope, a true story of God's mercy in a Nigerian hospital. It was still mid-morning on a hot Nigerian day, but the temperature had already reached 98 degrees, and the mercury was rising with each tick of the clock. Nigeria would battle Greece in the World Cup later that night. Excitement and anticipation filled the air. The streets were busy and traffic leaving Lagos was heavy. (It didn’t take me long to figure out why the locals call traffic jams “go slows.”)

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Danger-Prophecy Without Permission

Danger-Prophecy Without Permission Danger! prophecy without permission. Prophets should avoid low-level prophetic words and seek the safer high levels of spiritual accuracy. Presumptuous prophets prophesy because they can, but should they? Does a prophet need permission to prophesy? If one prophesies by faith alone is he or she in danger of tapping into a spirit of divination? If a prophet that has not been granted permission to prophesy and yet does, is he guilty of sin?

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New Apostolic Reformation

Apostolic ReformationNew apostolic reformation is on the move. It seems to me that some churches are free-falling into ineffectiveness. Are we becoming prey to religious spirits? Have we become so inner-focused that we ignore the needs of those around us? If we don’t keep the Great Commission in the forefront of our ministries are we prime candidates for lukewarmness and apathy?

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