New Apostolic Reformation

Apostolic ReformationNew apostolic reformation is on the move. It seems to me that some churches are free-falling into ineffectiveness. Are we becoming prey to religious spirits? Have we become so inner-focused that we ignore the needs of those around us? If we don’t keep the Great Commission in the forefront of our ministries are we prime candidates for lukewarmness and apathy?

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Apostolic Ministry Stage One of Five Stages Apostolic Church

Apostolic Ministry Stage One of Five Stages Apostolic ChurchApostolic ministry is passed on through times of training and mentoring. A strong anointing is obvious in your life and it’s time for you to be sent out into that great harvest field. Oh, happy day! It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. This is what you have been waiting for all these years. So with great joy and fervent zeal you run toward your high calling to fulfill what you know in your heart is God’s plan for your life and ministry.

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Socialism's Utopian Illusion

Socialism's Utopian IllusionSocialism's utopian illusion is sweeping our Western culture. Will socialism destroy the America we have all known? We have heard much about the rise of socialism in our nation. Does socialism affect you? Will it change your life, family, children, work or future? What is socialism? Is socialism an evil thing? Does socialism affect the Church? Should Christians be concerned?

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Gathering the Remnant
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