Form of Godliness And The Spirit Of Religion

Form Of Godliness And The Spirit Of Religion Form of godliness and spirit of religion.Religious spirits have a form of godliness. We are instructed by the Apostle Paul, “From such turn away.” Religious spirits spend a great deal of time talking about what great and magnificent things they are going to do for God, yet seldom do more than criticize others. With an understanding of the evil designs of the religious spirit, it becomes vital to recognize its characteristics so we can turn away from its influence.

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Answered Prayers, John's Secret

Answered Prayers, John's SecretAnswered Prayers. Many want to know how to get their prayers answered. Perhaps you have struggled with that. You pray and pray, but it seems nothing happens. When you do not receive an answer, you become frustrated and disheartened. Then the enemy torments your mind with all sorts of vain imaginations. I have good news for you; God does answer prayer. You just need to learn some more about Him. 

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Gathering the Remnant
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special report: spiritual warfare and armor of God