Bible School Jumpstart Ministry Training Online Course

Jumpstart Ministry Training Bible School Course

Online Ministry Training


This training will pull all the pieces together while preparing you for effective ministry. This course empowers you to make a difference with your life.

God has placed a gift inside of you and He expects you to use it. You are called into effective ministry. Non-biblical terms such as "clergy" and "laity" have wrongly created a religious gulf separating believers from their ministry. Have you felt suppressed in your Kingdom purpose? Are you frustrated knowing that the gift of God in you should be producing more than you see right now? Do you want to do more for God?

This course was designed to draw out the leadership potential that lies inside of you and fulfill your desire for a deeper relationship with Christ. Completing this training will enable you to reach a higher level of integrity and character.

Discover the gift of God in you and get started doing something great for Christ. It's time to fulfill your destiny.



  • Learn the important differences between apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers so you can reap maximum benefits.
  • Get equipped and empowered to advance in your calling.
  • Understand the concepts of teamwork, apostolic synergy, and the ministry anointing of helps.
  • Find your place of effective ministry in the Body of Christ.
  • Learn various aspects of real life ministry operations and how the Holy Spirit involves you.
  • Identify the God-given champion within you.
  • Discover the powerful benefits of a lifestyle of learning.
  • Discover the apostolic model of ministry and how to find your place in it.
  • Learn how to increase in your spiritual authority.
  • Discover how to exercise dominion authority in all areas of your life.
  • Start walking in God's divine purpose for your life.
  • Have your questions answered by instructors and moderators through the online forum.
  • Monitor your progress and understanding of each lesson as you complete online quizzes.
  • Download thirty-six ministry training class lessons, audio teachings, and reading assignments in digital format to keep in your personal library.
  • Receive an Apostolic Equipping Institute Ministry Training Certificate suitable for framing after completing this course.
“After completing the Jumpstart Ministry Training course I am running after God now and spending so much more time in the Word. I have the revelation that I’ve been called to rule, reign, and take dominion with the gifts that God has given me. I also understand there is a spiritual war waging against me but this course has strengthened and encouraged me to forge ahead knowing I have the victory in Christ!” - S Lucker, USA
“This course was truly amazing. It helped me see how I had been caught up in the world’s kingdom instead of the liberty provided in the Kingdom of God. I am so excited to be equipped to achieve my full potential without concern for competition or the opinion of others. This course helped me see religious mindsets I had about certain things and the limitations religion put on me. Now I feel so free. I have learned the importance of living according to the Word of God and out of my born again spirit man and I am seeing the power of God manifest in my life.” -H Broadman, USA
“I am so glad I completed this Jumpstart Ministry Training course. I received revelation and understanding about my purpose and the purpose of the Church that I was never taught in any of the Spirit-filled Christian churches I’ve attended. What I found most exciting in this course was the revelation that we are called to walk in kingship authority. Every lesson was clearly laid out and backed up by the Word of God. So many things that I’ve read in the Word over the years all make sense to me now. I am excited to enter the apostolic structure and fulfill the call of God on my life.” - C Aimes, USA
Online Ministry Training

Here's an image of what your online ministry training classroom looks like. A.E.I. instructors and moderators are available through the online forum to answer questions as you advance through the learning experience.

Jumpstart Ministry Training for Effective Believers online training course includes thirty-six class lessons, audio teachings and reading assignments to help you catch the spirit of the module with online quizzes that monitor your progress and understanding of each lesson.


  1. History and Adventures of Spirit of Life Ministries This lesson teaches the Holy Spirit's involvement in launching new ministries.
  2. Understanding Five-fold Ascension Gifts
  3. The Ministry of Helps
  4. Equipped for Ministry
  5. The Harvest Strategy
  6. Discovering the Champion Within
  7. Schooling the Champion Within
  8. The Believer's Authority
  9. Faithfulness in Ministry
  10. Entering the Apostolic Structure
  11. Increasing in Spiritual Authority
  12. The Believer's Kingship
  1. Turbo Charged Believers
  2. The Believer’s Governing Nature
  3. Out of the Boring and into Destiny
  4. Working with the Spirit
  5. Cultivating a Governing Spirit
  6. Moving in the Holy Ghost
  7. Entering the Realm of the Spirit
  8. Carrying Kingdom Authority
  9. Faithfulness in Ministry
  10. Developing a Resolute Tenacity
  11. Changing Spiritual Climates
  12. Spiritual Awakenings
  1. Apostolic Restoration
  2. The Reformation Continues
  3. The Governing Dynamic
  4. How to Minister
  5. Understanding Metrons
  6. Apostolic Believers
  7. Fervent Prayer for Effective Believers
  8. Priesthood of All Believers
  9. Into the Nations
  10. Apostolic Methods and Strategies
  11. Music for an Apostolic Generation
  12. Leadership Training


Ministry Training CertificateReceive an Apostolic Equipping Institute ministry training certificate suitable for framing after completing the course.

The ministry training certificate will be mailed to you upon completion of the e-course. This is a twelve-week e-course that you can complete at your own pace. Take your time or finish sooner if you can.




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Each A.E.I. course includes e-books, pdf files, and mp3 audio downloads. (No books or cd's will be mailed.)

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